“I’ve worked with interior designers before and always felt almost satisfied. With Morcan, I was thrilled – the colors are gorgeous, the fabrics are comfortable and easy to clean – I feel great just being in the salon. I couldn’t be happier!”


Jill Smithwick,

Owner of Shear Magic

  • Planting of the feet
  • 13 Pyramid of Protection
  • 13 Alkaline Waters
  • 13 Healing Foods
  • More Melanin Magic Secrets

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As Earth Planet Keeper,  The Moor has vast amounts of knowledge & Wisdom to help all humanity reach their 13 Vibrations of DNA to become Enlightenment & shift with the planet.

bringing you the right info you need to help start your path on journey to enlightenment.  Time to come home to nature & do things the natural way.

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